Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lou Hei Lou Hei For Sales!

This year instead of those normal cookies that i be selling..i be selling "Home make sauce Lou Hei with the Lou Hei Ingredient!"
Just that you guys got to buy ur own salmon or abalone....
Oh ya abalone lou hei is good! Especially if there is a "pregnant lady" that cannot take raw salmon....
Beside normal lou hei, i do sell fruits lou's very very refreshing!
Do email me at for enquires!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rinn & Wilson Wedding Cookies!

December is a month of celebration! - my buddy's wedding!! my own wedding anniversary :)
Specially did the wedding cookies for the lovely wedding couple..wish them having a very very blissful marriage and happy forever! :)
It's a vanilla with lemon taste heart shape cookie! i did their initial W&R with 2 little heart icing at the side...very sweet & simple....not full of icing...
And with the help of the mini helpers and friends, this 500 cookies was done on time to be placed on the wedding dinner tables! Cheers to all who have helped to make this!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xmas Cupcakes!

Have done up some Xmas Cuppies..vanilla cupcake with cream cheese topping :)
And did a very simple design as i not into very fanciful kind of fondant as it's not that good for health and make of gum n chemical. I prefer a more natural topping like chocolate..cream cheese...since home make we should do it less preservatives way right!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Xmas is round the corner soon!

This year finally i have time to bake...last year i having my honeymoon in japan hee hee :) so i did my first round of decorated cookies..all without much chemical stuff n sweet's pure vanilla extract and paste with butter n's really fragrance!!! And the decoration is done by the kids niece n nephew...

House Warming - Hi Tea !!

Having the 2nd round with my buddy i did a round of hi tea food :)
It's good and they can finish almost all of them! =D
It's japanese cheesecake, creamcheese blueberry tart, tiramisu, etc

Lynn Wedding Cake

My cousin is getting married....=D hence i did a very very simple wedding cake for her...

Due to i'm in food industry as part time i learn alot of chemical stuff also i not a fan of fondant neither those buttercream cos it's not good for normally i will advise my customer to pay for the price that is not harmful for their body..i did some cream cheese piping to put the flowers and a brownie cake :)

Hope she will have a blessed marriage life....

Monday, October 26, 2009

House warming!! Foodies!!

Finally i have the time to post my bakes!! Preparing for my few more rounds of house warming..i have do up some dessert this round with hubz buddies!!

They are the white chocolate blueberry cups! i love the way the blueberry sit on the white chocolate very nice colour contrast hee hee =D

My second item is chocolate meiji strawberry yogurt crumble tart...due to time constrain, not having enough time to whip up some strawberry cream..i just did a check in my fridge..tada i saw my sis strawberry yogurt lying ard hehe..i jus open it and put it on top of my home make chocolate tart based and top with the crumble i make the day before...the outcome of it is good as strawberry & chocolate goes very very well...fragrance & good....

Lastly i have a very simple walnut brownies!

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